Valuation Related to Tax Reporting

Many portions of the federal tax code are driven by gains and losses that occur when assets are transferred.  Estimation of the gains and losses that result from these transactions often requires the service of a valuation professional.  Valuation services may also be required for a variety of other tax related reasons.  The Lucas Valuation Group is qualified to perform the following tax related valuations:

  • Gift and estate tax valuations of transferred business interests including discounts associated with non-marketability and control issues
  • Section 409A related valuations including valuations of different equity interests in complex capital structures
  • Section 83b valuations including valuations of equity interests in complex capital structures
  • Section 351  Exchange Valuations
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plan valuations
  • Personal goodwill and non-compete valuations
  • Reasonable compensation studies
  • Section 482 interest rate studies
  • Valuation defense