Management Information


Defining the Need

Management is the act of measuring, evaluating and refining the activities that take place in a business enterprise. Repeated over and over, the management process creates organizational value.

Periodic valuations serve as valuable management report cards:

they are an important measurement tool; perhaps the most important measurement tool

they can be used to create a road map to help the manager/owner create more value.

Management information tools offered by the Lucas Valuation Group include:

Business enterprise valuations

Estimation of discounts for lack of control and marketability associated with minority interests in a business

Quantitative analysis that explains which factors (growth, return on invested capital, etc.) manager/owners should focus on to maximize business value

Dashboard financial models that illustrate how these factors impact business value

Qualitative analysis that explains which risks and opportunities faced by a business are most likely to impact its value and recommendations about how these risks and opportunities may be managed to increase the value of the business enterprise

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