The Lucas Valuation Group was founded to provide high quality business valuation services to small and medium sized businesses.

We appreciate that our target clients provide most of the jobs and represent the majority of our country’s economy. We offer affordable services designed to benefit this important group of businesses.

A little about us…

Our Approach

Your business is probably your most valuable asset. It provides you with the income you need today and, hopefully, is accumulating value that you will harvest in the future. Your business consumes your thoughts and your time – it’s important to you.

We understand this and that makes your business important to us. When you need to know what your business is worth, you want an appraiser who is as thoughtful about your business as you are.

Knowing your business’ worth is strategically valuable information for you. Our objective is to equip you with a reliable valuation that will help you make sound business decisions.

Our Services

Management Information

Management is the act of measuring, evaluating and refining the activities that take place in a business enterprise. Repeated over and over, the management process creates organizational value.

Financial Reporting

As the global accounting model has increasingly gravitated toward the use of fair value as the measurement basis for assets and liabilities for financial reporting purposes, the services of skilled valuation experts has become increasingly important.

Tax Reporting

Many portions of the federal tax code are driven by gains and losses that occur when assets are transferred. Estimation of the gains and losses that result from these transactions often requires the service of a valuation professional. Valuation services may also be required for a variety of other tax related reasons.


Transaction Preparation

The biggest challenge to selling small businesses is their dependence on their owners. Owners can increase the value of their businesses (and improve their own lives!) by making themselves unnecessary to the successful operation of their businesses.

Litigation Support

The Lucas Valuation Group offers the following litigation support services: Bankruptcy, Divorce, and Economic Damages and Lost Profits

Exit Planning Services

The Lucas Valuation Group offers exit planning services and works with other professionals who provide complementary, related services.

The Lucas Valuation Group helped me negotiate the purchase price of a dental practice I bought several years ago. The seller initially had unrealistic expectations about the value of the practice. The Lucas Valuation Group prepared a report that clearly explained why the practice was not worth the asking price and justified a transaction price that was less than half of the original requestedprice.

Sherry Marvel, DDS
Lakeridge Dentistry

I engaged the Lucas Valuation Group to value one of my business interests for federal tax purposes. The valuation report I received was incredibly thorough, well documented and completed punctually. After the tax valuation, I engaged them again to provide value advisory services regarding the impact of changes we were making in the business during that period. I found their advice to be thoughtful and service to be responsive. Moreover, the established level of trust, confidence and urgency—which begins day-one and continues throughout the entire process—is nothing short of extraordinary. I cannot recommend their services highly enough.

Wyatt Peabody
Hiatus Spa + Retreat, LLC

I retained Chris Lucas to provide an expert report and testimony regarding an analysis of reasonable compensation in an arbitration proceeding. His report was thorough and well supported. His testimony during the arbitration hearing was to the point and compelling.

Kim Chong
Trinitas Hospitality

I’ve hired the Lucas Valuation Group to perform valuations of two of my business interests. I was so comfortable with their first report that I made sure to hire them again when I needed another of my businesses to be valued.

Rob Dean
Vican, Inc.